April 22

Colombian skating will export state-of-the-art tecnhology

All the sport results of a country are definitely given integrally. We have the best world sportspeople, the most organized federation, the best executives, the best coaches and even the best judge in the world. Well then, in this entire revolutionary plan that has been held in this sport in Colombia within the last decade, we are proud to export state-of-the-art technology now.


Yes, as it sounds. In fact, Colombia has definitely marked the highest difference regarding the others. This third-world country gave a total turn to our sport until reaching the title of great world power in every thing... More


March 27

Paen is now an example of a club in Colombia  

One of the arguments strengthening skating as the most successful sport in Colombian history has precisely been the consolidation of such projects as PAEN Club. It’s an enterprise that has made this discipline in Envigado an entire raison d’être and a lifestyle for the ones registered under their guidance.


In deed, what they showed in Barrancabermeja during the last Transition National Championship has been done in every event they take part in... More


February 28

- Nelson Garzón and Jorge Luis Cifuentes, the new  colombians in the World Circuit of  Marathons 

Bogotá’s Nelson Garzón  and Valle del Cauca´s Jorge luis Cifuentes will be the new Colombian skaters in the World Circuit of Marathons for the present season. Both of them were hired by Switzerland-based Wheels Team as soon as the World  Championship in Anyang, Korea  was over. Garzón and Cifuentes will join Diego Rosero and Juan David Tobón who belong to Rollerblade International Team. Therefore, there will be four national skaters defending our country’s prestige. Let’s not forget our skaters have shone in the World Circuit, especially through performances by Jorge Andrés Botero, Diego Rosero and  Silvia Natalia Niño as well... More



February 15

- Chechi would have her days on roller skating counted 

Multiple - world champion, Cecilia Margarita Baena, seems to have her days on roller skating counted. As she confirms it herself, there are some proposals not letting her fall asleep as well as a background overflowing with duty done in this sport.


Her future would be in either the U.S. or Europe preparing her new career as an ice skater. Unlike other skaters who have it as a choice, for her it’s a decision nearly made. The fact of having two serious concrete offers to start off her preparation towards the Winter Olympic Games makes her take the decision as soon as the World Championship in Cali is over... More


February 8

- Cartagena has more stars since last night

With the arrival of the first lot of world skating stars this evening, starts the regressive account to begin the great sporting event of the year in Bolivar: the Pre-world Competition which gives rein to the Department’s 150th birthday.


From 8:00 p.m., American skaters Joseph Mantya, his team mate Michael Cheeks and Heather Richardson will arrive at “Rafael Nuñez” airport. By far, they have shown their pleasure to compete in Colombia, considered a world power in this sport... More


February 3

- Italy, the  cradle  of skating wants to learn from Colombia

The Colombian Federation designated Vallecaucan Coach Ricardo Lenis to be part of the International Seminar on Preparation and Training of High Performance Speed Skaters. This event will be held in Rome, Italy, from February 16 through 18.


The training course for speed skating coaches is organized by the Italian Federation of Hockey and Skating, which has the sponsorship of the FIRS (Federation Internationale of Roller Sports), with the collaboration of the International Races Committee, CIC, as well as the European Committee of the sport... More


January 20

- Switzerland  kept the organization of the 2009 CIC World Championship

Weinfelden and Zurích will be the cities holding the top event of the world skating in 2009, a key year thinking of the Olympics inclusion.


One of the main rumors during the last CIC World Championship held in Anyang, South Korea, was undoubtedly the one regarding the Helvetian candidature to organize the most important event of our discipline in 2009... More


December 9

- Three world champions and colombian team coach sanctioned

It is an unprecedented fact in the history of national skating: three sportspeople and the coach  of the Colombian team in the last World Championship in Anyang, South Korea, were sanctioned by the Federation Discipline Court. They were found guilty of indiscipline acts during the full development of team concentration a few days before the world event... More

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Oct12 to Feb3 - Wold championships Anyang



Colombian skaters heroes

For many of more than two thousand skaters who gave to themselves appointment in the VII PANAMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP her name is strange. Inclusive, her figure her does not turn out to be known without knowing that for her side there happened the one who was the manager of opening the way gilded in the sports history of this country... more


Place Athlete Country Team
1. Massimiliano Presti ITA MMCmicro Salomon World
2. Luca Saggiorato ITA MMCmicro Salomon World
3. Diego Rosero COL Rollerblade World
4. Roger Schneider SUI Athleticum Rollerblade
5. Pascal Briand FRA Powerslide Racing
6. Yan Guyader FRA Timmerman Powerslide
7. Alain Gloor SUI Athleticum Rollerblade
8. Thomas Boucher FRA Powerslide Racing
9. Francesco Zangarini ITA MMCmicro Salomon World
10. Luca Presti ITA MMCmicro Salomon World


Place Athlete Country Team
1. Angele Vaudan FRA Rollerblade World
2. Nicole Begg NZE Salomon Smartskate
3. Nathalie Barbotin FRA Salomon Smartskate
4. Andrea Haritchelhar ARG Athleticum Rollerblade
5. Tamara Llorens ARG Rollerblade World
6. Nadine Gloor SUI Athleticum Rollerblade
7. Laura Lardani ITA Rollerblade World
8. Ghizlane Samir FRA Cristalp Ladies
9. Sandra Gómez ESP Alessi Powerslide
10. Simona di Eugenio ITA Luigino MM70 Girls

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Medals Table Anyang



1. Colombia 16 14 12 42
2. South Korea 8 9 8 25
3. New Zeland 8 6 1 15
4. USA 7 3 6 16
5. Chile 4 4 5 13
6. Italy 2 3 6 11
7. Argentina 1 3 4 8
8. France 1 3 0 4
9. Spain 1 1 0 2
10. Holanda 0 1 0 1
11. Swiss 0 1 0 1
12. China Taipei 0 0 2 2
13. Belgium 0 0 2 2
14. Germany 0 0 2 2