Taken from FEDEPATIN

Translated by Carlos Bernal


The Colombian Federation designated Vallecaucan Coach Ricardo Lenis to be part of the International Seminar on Preparation and Training of High Performance Speed Skaters. This event will be held in Rome, Italy, from February 16 through 18.


The training course for speed skating coaches is organized by the Italian Federation of Hockey and Skating, which has the sponsorship of the FIRS (Federation Internationale of Roller Sports), with the collaboration of the International Races Committee, CIC, as well as the European Committee of the sport. 


ď Mister Ricardo Lenisí trip, is requested by the Italian Federation, and itís part of the collaboration agreement requested by its President Sabatino Aracu (also FIRS President), who was quite concerned on the performance and level of Italian Skating during the Korean World Cup. For us, itís a pleasure to collaborate and reaffirm Colombian Skating world prestige which has been demonstrated in own Italy, China and Anyang, Korea.Ē Stated  National Federation President, Carlos Orlando Ferreira.


Hugo Ricardo Lenis Arana, 45, is part of the group of Colombian Coaches that have helped the development and expansion of national skating. Mr. Lenis has been a coach for 25 years and also competed in speed skating for 20 years. He is also a professional in Sport and Physical Activity.


Ricardo Lenis was world champion in Spain 1997 along with Jorge Andres Botero in majors; in Italy, with Jorge Luis Cifuentes in the juvenile category. He was technical assistant in the National Team in the Colorado Springs World Cup, USA 1993. Furthermore, his trajectory includes a title in the Pan-American Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina, with Julian FernŠndez, coach too. He also got the championship in the 2006 Clubs American Cup with LMT (Luz Mery Tristan ) Team, as well as some national titles. Ricardo is responsible for the processes of formation and development in the world ex-championís Corporation, Luz Mery Tristan. He is also an outstanding coach in Valle, Colombia.


ďitís a pride, and, itís very important for both the country and Colombian Skating to have this invitation to collaborate with Italian skating. It has an enormous value to gain international space mainly in a country that is cradle of champions, origin of skating, to transmit and teach the processes having Colombia as a world powerĒ  said coach Ricardo Lenis, sport professional.