Translated by Carlos H. Bernal


One of the arguments strengthening skating as the most successful sport in Colombian history has precisely been the consolidation of such projects as PAEN Club. It’s an enterprise that has made this discipline in Envigado an entire raison d’être and a lifestyle for the ones registered under their guidance.

In deed, what they showed in Barrancabermeja during the last Transition National Championship has been done in every event they take part in.

In the oil port, on the same track that graduated with honors the national skating as a world power seven years ago, it’s 24 sportspeople projected what they have been living for a long time  inside this Paisa club. 


PAEN (Patinaje de Envigado) is undoubtedly  an example to be emulated by those who are just starting to struggle. That was done then by Bogotá clubs and even by LMT Club itself.  Furthermore, it is nothing but the evolution of the executives going hand in hand with sports results.


Unlike other disciplines in which the athletes are over the managers, Colombian skating is able to afford the luxury to have its own executives with an enterprise vision of our sport.


It has precisely been part of the success within the last decade, since when the managing is over the sportspeople, they come over them very fast and balance it for the benefit of the proposed goals. Opposite case, things are slower and even utopian.


In PAEN’s case, Envigado was able to form a project with an administrating body led by Juan Herrera. As his most important assets, he has been keeping the nursery, the sportspeople’s solidarity and the little desertion. He, who comes to PAEN, hardly leaves it. As for results, you just have to see Juan Camilo Orozco’s performance. He  has become the living example when you want to succeed. Likewise, outstanding sportspeople like David Piedrahita, who has long been accumulating a personal record, lets his club confirm they are on their way.


Of course, to all this we have to add the sensibility handled by a coach with such human and professional qualities: Iván Vargas, better known as “Piza” in the skating world. He has been able to enroll a multidisciplinary group for the benefit of the skaters. From “Piza” himself  to the unconditional support of the skaters’ parents, he began (15 years ago) and managed to keep an ideal giving them its fruits today. Mr. Vargas has been with them almost a decade and for the time being he is the key piece of one of the best clubs of a country that is the great world power…that tells everything.


As everything in life, time has been a witness of the push of those who have been working on behalf of a group of Antioquia people. A lot of them are now professionals, and if they look back, they will see how the first days’ effort was worthwhile. They used to “crawl” on the 100m track in La Paz neighborhood, Envigado. Nowadays, they count on one of the best tracks in Colombia. It was inaugurated two years ago, and right there, they are preparing those insisting on passing the exam at a national level. They did it with Orozco and they persist in having him as just the beginning.


For PAEN there is nothing that can take away their goal of keeping on growing. At a regional level, they are the most important club and hope, as a result of processes, to consolidate at a national level. As Piza says  “ this goes step by step, without despairing”.