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Translated by Carlos H. Bernal


It is an unprecedented fact in the history of national skating: three sportspeople and the coach  of the Colombian team in the last World Championship in Anyang, South Korea, were sanctioned by the Federation Discipline Court. They were found guilty of indiscipline acts during the full development of team concentration a few days before the world event.


It was confirmed by Federation Vice-president, Ruben Dario Delgado yesterday. He said the sportspeople themselves dealt with filtering the news which hadn’t been made official yet.


“In deed, the Court suspended  three senior sportspeople: Jeisson Martáns and  Ánderson Ariza, as  well as Santanderean junior Juan Leonardo Rodríguez for one year due to indiscipline acts during their stay in Bogotá a few weeks before the World event. Likewise, the Court reported that national coach Elías del Valle, received a six-month punishment not only for letting the acts generating the discontent of one part of the group and a female skater especially, but also knowing full well that famous baptisms are prohibited, he didn’t report the incident since it was his duty” said Ruben Dario Delgado.


“ In my son’s case, the due process wasn’t respected. As an under aged, he didn’t have a senior representation at the previous inquiries stage”, stated to mass media, Juan de Dios Rodríguez, president of the National Commission of Races, Majors Category and Juan Leonardo’s father, junior protagonist of the news shaking Colombian skating.

“His due process was violated and I will appeal under that argument, plus the fact that a junior can not be sanctioned” warned Rodriguez.


“The Court had been deliberating on the fact for the past weeks, though it was only until last Friday they made a decision. Yet, on Monday night the media confirmed the news, and today it is a scandal now”, explained Delgado Orozco.


The true thing is that both the sportspeople and the coach are given until today to appeal the sanction. In case they make this right effective, the Court will take about two months to give a reply, that is, to ratify or revoke its decision. If the sanction is held, the implicated will have the right of a second opportunity, but in this occasion before the Sports Court of National Coldeportes, which will make a final decision. About seven months might perfectly go by. Meanwhile, , Jeisson, Juan Leonardo, Ánderson and Elías del Valle will be able to keep on participating in the regular calendar approved in the Federation general assembly weeks ago. We even got to know the coach could pay his six-month punishment by cash. After hearing the decision, the coach said to Radio Caracol: “The fact was before the trip to the Central American Games and when the indiscipline acts happened I wasn’t in the concentration … when I heard about that I investigated the issue and now I find this sanction I consider unfair which I appeal before the Federation”

What remains in the environment is that this was undoubtedly a hard blow for the national coach and the beginning of his probable separation from the Colombian Team in international events.