By Guido Ferraiuolo

Taken from

Translated by Carlos Bernal


Weinfelden and Zurích will be the cities holding the top event of the world skating in 2009, a key year thinking of the Olympics inclusion.


One of the main rumors during the last CIC World Championship held in Anyang, South Korea, was undoubtedly the one regarding the Helvetian candidature to organize the most important event of our discipline in 2009.

Thus, Coni Altherr performed a great presentation at the CIC General Assembly in Korea offering important information to the delegates of the participating nations.


Everything  seemed to show that Taipei, China, would definitely hold it in 2009 as confirmed by its delegate in the same assembly; yet the members of the International  Committee decided to take some time to offer official information about that.


Finally, during the FIRS General Assembly held in the picturesque Spanish city of Murcia on the occasion of the World Championship of Artistic Skating, the CIC confirmed Swiss cities of Zurich and Weinfelden as the ones in charge of receiving the 2009 World Championship in August.


The decision had great repercussions in the world of skating, which in turn looked favorably upon the news issued by the top organization. Thus, it will be both the Swiss launching of the route and track races and the opportunity to see the amazing track inaugurated last June in Weinfelden, in which  over 2.5 million Euros were invested.


It will also be a special occasion to see all the Swiss organizing potential since the event will be coordinated by the Swiss Federation and Iguana Think Tank, which  is the firm  organizing the World Inline Cup as well as the Swiss Inline Cup. Therefore, we will undoubtedly have the chance to enjoy a highly professional event in a key year to skating. As you know, the International Olympic Committee Assembly to evaluate new sports to the Olympic program will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2009.  


Thus, the confirmed calendar will continue this year in August with the World Cup in Cali (Colombia) while the one in 2008 will be in Gijon (Spain). As to  2010, there will soon be news. Regarding candidates, they are Australia, The Netherlands and China. Although the Dutch would have very few chances to keep the event since both 2008 and 2009 World Cups will take place in European territory.


For 2011, Argentina seems to be the firmest option to keep the world event, though South Korea, after the success of Anyang, asked for it again.


Italy and Belgium already requested it for 2012, the same year The Olympic Games will be held in London.