September 9

- Cecilia Baena won a big gold medal

Cecilia "chechi" Baena won the marathon in the end of the worlds championships in Anyang, "chechi" was faster than Nicole Begg from New Zeland (second) and Jana Gegner from Germany (third), who add a new bronze medal to her team, the explosivity and good sprint was used by "chechi" in the best way to win in the final moment. It was the 15th gold medal for the colombians in Anyang. (Foto Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)


In the men marathon, Joey Mantia showed all his power in the final sprint like he did on track and road, and won against Yan Guyader from France (second) and  Francesco Zangarini from Italy (third), the "american guy" was very fast in the last 50 meters letting us see all his final speed.


September 8

- Colombia is the leader

Colombia add a new gold medal for the medals table at the relays race, the junior ladies team integrated by Carolina Upegui, Margarita Botero and Martha Ramírez , won the gold medal in a very hard final sprint against Chile and German teams.


It was so close and the definition was in charge of Carolina Upegui, with this one Colombia have 15 gold medals, enough to be the leader in the medals table at the Worlds Championships  Anyang 2006, Korea is second with 7 gold medals and 9 silver. The surprisse was New Zeland third, with 7 gold medalas but 5 silver medals.



September 7

- Another World Record

The road of Anyang is simply one of the best in the world, the reason?... four world records has been broken; two in long races: points senior ladies by Silvina Posada from Argentina, and men by Joe Mantia from USA, and two in short races: 200 mts Gregorio Dugento from Italy. But the nice thing is the fact that Joe Mantia also Broke the world record in the 500 mts. It let us think about the good moment of the "American Guy" and the good technical support in the construction of the "Anyang Sport Complex".


Today Colombia got 3 more gold medals: Shaneen Howard 500 mts junior ladies, Alexandra Vivas 20.000 mts last women out senior ladies and Jenifer Caicedo in 500 mts senior ladies.



September 6

- The road began very good

Jenifer Caicedo won the 200 mts at worlds championships in Anyang korea, this is the first gold medal for Colombia in the road and the 9th for the colombian team in the World event.


The long races were very hard but the junior Colombian teams, knew the best way to win against competitors from the other 50 countries. In this area Colombia got two more gold metals with Carolina Upegui and Nicolas Zamudio in the points race.


The good thing of the day was in charge of Gregorio Dugento, the speedman won with a new world record in 200 mts...16.209. (Foto Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)



September 4

- 500 mts, Colombia wining again

With 3 of 4 posible gold medals, Colombia was very strong at the finals of 500 mts group. The first gold medal was in charge of Deidy Jaramillo, who won the first place against Mi Young Kim of Korea and the third place was for another colombian girl... the world champion Shaneen Howard. In junior men the gold medal was for Pedro Caucil who won against the Korean Myung Kyu Lee. And the third gold medal  in 500 hundred was for Berenice Moreno, the winner of the 300 mts, with second place for Cecilia Baena from Colombia also, they won against Jin Seon Lim from Korea. (Foto Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)



September 3

- Tree new gold medals won the colombian team

Shanen Howard in junior ladies, Cecilia Baena in Senior ladies and Jorge Andres Botero in senior men, won the 1000 mts at the worlds championships in Anyang. After the cualification series, the colombians were one of the strongest team in the finals, getting 3 of 4 gold medals. This good team work have the Colombia team in the first place in the medals table of the championships. (Foto by Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)




September 2

- Berenice Moreno gold in 300 hundred mts

Berenice Moreno from Colombia won in the 300 mts race, In order to win that she had to cualificate and she did it with the 7th time, however she was really concentrated to win, and the time was the fastest one for all the ladies. In this way Colombia began first in the medal table. (Foto Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)



- Liana Holgin Gold in 15000 mts last women out

ANYANG, KOREA.- The things were very good for the colombian team at the Worlds Championships after the oficial inauguration of the medal table in the last man out race, Colombia won 6 medals, one of them gold, two silver and tree broze. Liana Holguin in the 15 thousand mts women won the gold medal. (Foto Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)





September 1

- A colombian Will be the chief referee

A colombian will be the chief referee in the worlds championships in Anyang, Korea. It was the conclusion in the technical meeting before the races, this afternoon. Maiguel Contreras Ochoa will be the referee on the road. It will be the 7th time in wich the colombian is the main referee in a world championship since Barrancabermeja in 2000, in wich he took the hardest desition in this area in his life, puting out Cecilia Baena, the colombian figure, because  she didn't have number.

Very cold inauguration

*At 3:00 in the afternoon in Anyang Korea, was made the opening  ceremony of the worlds championships in junior and senior. The organization, like they had said, used 165 minutes that they had destined in its protocol. To evit tired sportsman because of the ceremony time, just one of the competitors of each team was there. In the program were outstanding the cultural topics and taekwondo, the national sport for excellence. The ceremony was developed in the modern stadium Anyang Sports Complex with more than 4500 people. (Fotos Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)


*The flag was carry by the speedman Jeison Martans, one of the figures of the colombian team in this speciality.