February 3

- Italy, the  cradle  of skating wants to learn from Colombia

The Colombian Federation designated Vallecaucan Coach Ricardo Lenis to be part of the International Seminar on Preparation and Training of High Performance Speed Skaters. This event will be held in Rome, Italy, from February 16 through 18.


The training course for speed skating coaches is organized by the Italian Federation of Hockey and Skating, which has the sponsorship of the FIRS (Federation Internationale of Roller Sports), with the collaboration of the International Races Committee, CIC, as well as the European Committee of the sport... More



January 20

- Switzerland  kept the organization of the 2009 CIC World Championship

Weinfelden and Zurích will be the cities holding the top event of the world skating in 2009, a key year thinking of the Olympics inclusion.


One of the main rumors during the last CIC World Championship held in Anyang, South Korea, was undoubtedly the one regarding the Helvetian candidature to organize the most important event of our discipline in 2009... More


December 9

- Three world champions and colombian team coach sanctioned

It is an unprecedented fact in the history of national skating: three sportspeople and the coach  of the Colombian team in the last World Championship in Anyang, South Korea, were sanctioned by the Federation Discipline Court. They were found guilty of indiscipline acts during the full development of team concentration a few days before the world event... More


December 7

- It was approved by assembly: Colombia will officially quit Southamerican Confederation

Colombia will definitely step aside and officially quit the South American Confederation of Roller Sports. It was decided in full assembly of the Colombian Federation held in the town of Chinauta (Cundinamarca - Colombia) last weekend. Presidents of 15 leagues, after hearing the arguments by Carlos Orlando Ferreira Pinzón as well as the accusations by Vice-president  of the Federation and representative of the national team in Mar del Plata, Ruben Dario Delgado, decided to take our country out of the farce which will be held by Uruguayan Ernesto Cajaravilla for the next years... More


November 28

- The  southamerican confederation is a mess. Colombia should quit as a member

It wasn’t announced by the president of the Colombian Federation of Roller Sports, but the single fact of thinking of taking out our country from the bosom of the Southamerican Confederation is a wise decision, quite out of the question. What this imitation of a president of the Southamerican Confederation has been doing has no antecedents. Not only does he change the judges’ decisions, disowns them and put medals on the desk, but also, it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, he was the main rapporteur to accept, Catalonia! Yes sir, the one from Spain, in the Southamerican Confederation… what on earth is that? For goodness sake! Not only is he a tyrant, but also he doesn’t have the remotest idea of what it is to manage the world skating... More


November 22

- Colombia versus the continent: garzon was taken away his gold medal from the points race

Polemical resulted the judges’ determination to displace Nelson Garzón to the second place after fairly winning the points race, as a punishment for his partner Jorge Luis Cifuentes’ fault a few meters before finishing the race. The situation was so discordant that the board of directors and coaches of the national team decided not to show up at the podium. Thousands of kilometers away, this situation seems impolite. Yet, with all the experience our directives have, such reaction gives credibility to the fact of renouncing the protocol acts... More


November 17

- 20  world titles united in the ABC

The ABC will come into fashion soon, not only because its protagonists are historically  the most honored of national skating, but also because at heart, its foundation will take care of popularizing this sport and reach the poorest strata. According to the foundation creators, Alexandra Vivas, Briggitte  Méndez and Cecilia Baena, the fact of meeting the three of them in a single purpose is like returning, in part, everything skating has given them throughout their careers...  More



Results  Fotos

November 3

- Cajaravilla can’t do a thing right: misters of the continent, ¡ we all need a president at the southamerican confederation

It was about time the Colombian Federation of Roller Sports to strongly declare about the way the Presidency of the South American Confederation of Roller Sports is handling the coming out of this sport and its modalities in the next Odesur Games to start within a few days in Mar del Plata, Argentina.


 In fact, it is not the first time the Colombian chairman reminds Uruguayan President, Ernesto Cajaravilla, about his duties and rights regarding the South continental Skating. All of this taking into accounts the importance of South America in the international skating, with potentially great countries like Argentina and Chile... More


October 14

- Andres Felipe winning again

Andres Felipe, several times world champion, won the 10000 mts points race senior men, at the VII American Clubs Cup in Cali, Colombia. The road was completly wet because of raining, however "cultivo", how the people call him and member of Valle Team, was too strong, let us see his high perfonmance to afront the national selection championship to ODESUR team... More


By other hand, Liana Holguin, also from Valle, won the points race senior ladies raining too. Liana, the wold champion at the elimination race in Anyang,  was in front of the group many times, winning points enough to be the race lider, in the end the winner.







- Fundación San Mateo team took distance

CALI. - The University Fundacion San Mateo team from Bogotá continued accumulating important points and remaining two days to concludes the Seventh Panamerican it seems not to have loses in his ambition of conquering the title of the great event. Now the difference is more significant product of his 48 points, against the 32 that LMT accumulates the vallecaucan team... More


- A "star" is growing among the juvenile ones

CALI. - There is no doubt that Santander, which historically has delivered him his better skaters to the service of the prestige of the national skating, has in Ómar Villamizar Hernández to one of his better letters for the future and that from this Panamerican his name already will enjoy prestige in the continental concert. Last night, in the rainy third day he filled with glory on having gained the test for points, in a strategy that worked to the perfection scratching the first units and consolidating his victory in the decisive returns... More


October 13

- The local skaters made respect their court

The points remained in the Valle Del Cauca. In the middle of a strong drizzle the local skaters could reverted his favouritism on having dominated the last test of the day with Liana Holguín and Andrés Felipe Muñoz as big protagonists. (Photo Luis Ramirez Colpressphotos)

Liana extracted profit of the conditions of the circuit of route of the “patinódromo J.J.Clark" and could dominate in the final crate Kelly Martínez, who ended joined in points (8) but with better performance in the last return. Cecilia Baena and Alexandra Vivas did not also have response who had to conform to the third and fourth position, both to five units... More


- Fundación San Mateo dominates partially the panamerican

CALI. - Fulfilled two days of the Seventh Panamerican of Skating, the Fundacion San Mateo team began to take a light advantage with regard to his more immediate rivals, product of his good performances in the category senior. San Mateo already accumulates 28 units, six more than that it accumulates LMT team. APUESTAS EL PUEBLO, with 16 points it closes the partial podium of the Panamerican, sharing this honour with GLB and PAEN teams, both from Antioquia... More


- Camilo Orozco surprised lowering of 18 seconds

It was undoubtedly the best record of 200 meters time trial getting for the skaters who gave to themselves appointment to the VII Panamerican that is disputed in this city. 17.65 there gave the golden medal to the “antioqueño” Camilo Orozco of the PAEN team, and though it was not so of fotofinish as in the ladies, where Jénnifer Caicedo was conquered for five thousandth ones of second to the “cartagenera” Cecilia Baena, the speed specialist senior men gave a sample of the tight thing that will be to look for a great figure in this new edition... More




- Podium of luxury in 200 meters senior ladies

CALI. A podium of luxury was given in the 200 meters TIME TRIAL race of the category senior ladies when three world champions claimed the attention of the  VII Panamerican that is disputed in the capital “vallecaucana”... More





- Apuestas el Pueblo gave the first great satisfaction to santander 

CALI. - Had been a great protagonist in the categories infantile but only in the test of 2400 meters points 11 and 12 years APUESTAS EL PUEBLO, of Bucaramanga, it delivered to Santander his first medal of gold. Jairo Andrés Delgado... More


- A world champion appeared and claimed the gold in juvenile

CALI. - The world champion Pedro Armando Causil obtained today his first medal of gold of the VII Panamerican on having gained the test against the chronometer (Time trial) of the juvenile category. It was the second partial victory of Antioquia in this event... More


- Fundación San Mateo team did 1-2 in infantile b

CALI. - The FUNDACION SAN MATEO team obtained his maximum crop of what goes of the VII Panamerican when accumulate 12 of 16 points in dispute in the test of 2.400 meters points of the Infantile category B, 11 and 12 years. Natalia Giraldo... More


- Antioquia became present in preinfantil ladies

CALI. - Antioquia obtained his first medal of gold in the VII Panamerican that is disputed in this city winning in the category pre-infantile ladies with the skater of the PAEN team Fabriana Arias Perez. The skater paisa conquered in the final the “sucreña”  Keywin Camacho from CRECER... More


- The shift was for RMC team from Bogota in 1000 meters track

CALI. - The Golden medals are distributing in this VII Panamerican as in medicine what undoubtedly makes the event more exciting if there is born in mind that the 141 teams that gave to themselves appointment only will have to wait until the end to know who of them will be the great champion in this new edition... More


- Argentine and Mexico already are in the medals table

The Argentine Rocio Berbel and the Mexican Verónica Elías Alvarado they broke the leadership of the Colombian skaters when conquered the medals of gold and silver, respectively, in development of the juvenile test 200 meters Time Trial ladies of this Seventh edition of the Panamerican that today completes its second day in the ' J.J. Clark '... More


October 12

- LMT assumed the control of the Panamerican Clubs Championship

CALI. - Sebastián Arce y Simón Granada gave to the LMT team (Valle del Cauca) the leadership of the VII Panamerican Clubs Championship that began in this city on having obtained 1-2 in the 200 meters Time Trial race, displeasing of this privilege a  CODECAR team from Bolivar that had been the great protagonist in the series of the ladies. With this result, Luz Mery Tristán's team added 17 points in the general classification... More


- A cartagenera achieved the first medal of gold in the panamerican

Cali. - The CODECAR team from Cartagena not only achieved the first medal of gold in the 200 meters Time trial race but it added its first eight points in the first day of the  VII Panamerican that will be disputed until the next Monday in Cali. Elizabeth Arnedo Cancio turned into the fastest sportswoman of the demanding test into her category conquering at two local skaters... More


- Chile confirmed the headquarters of the panamerican in 2008

The PANAMERICAN, which it was born in spite of the sceptics in our country, since it has been a constant from when in 1994 Colombia assumed its leadership that today they it take as the world power, already is a reality. And not because it has begun its seventh edition but for the number of competitors who in it gave to themselves appointment.

The fact of having in the skating track of Cali 'Patinodromo J.J. Clark' more than two thousand skaters (2011), in representation of 141 teams of 11 countries of the continent is the clearest justification of which from today this sport began to give birth to its wings in the search of better airs in the Olympic concert... More


- With the  technical congress, the VII American Clubs Cup starts

With a speech about AIDS by Mr. Paul Martin,  assigned by UNICEF to Colombia, began the technical congress for the VII American Clubs Cup. (Foto Luis Ramírez Colpressphotos)


In this event there will be 2017 athletes from eleven countries of the panamerican area. They are Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, United States, Mexico and Colombia.


The Colombian Friend of the UNICEF Cecilia Baena talked about AIDS, a very contagious illness, to which we need more responsability and information to prevent this lethal virus.


- Jorge Andres Botero spoke in sole right of his retirement with

The world champion of 1000 meters in Anyang spoke in sole right for about his imminent retirement, a sad decision for all the lovers of this sport in our country.

patincolombia: Definitively he retires from the competitive skating or his decision is it of not representing any more Colombia in the World Championships?

Jorge Andres Botero: Yes, I have decided to retire definitively from the competitive skating. I have won in a dozen of marathons. I have represented Colombia in world from 1992 to 2006, adding 3 golden medals, in 2006 1000mts, 1998 elimination and in 2002 the marathon, 23 gems of silver and 6 of bronze. Already I come near the hour of saying good-bye to the skating... More


More News

Wold championships Anyang


Colombian skaters heroes

For many of more than two thousand skaters who gave to themselves appointment in the VII PANAMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP her name is strange. Inclusive, her figure her does not turn out to be known without knowing that for her side there happened the one who was the manager of opening the way gilded in the sports history of this country... more


Place Athlete Country Team
1. Massimiliano Presti ITA MMCmicro Salomon World
2. Luca Saggiorato ITA MMCmicro Salomon World
3. Diego Rosero COL Rollerblade World
4. Roger Schneider SUI Athleticum Rollerblade
5. Pascal Briand FRA Powerslide Racing
6. Yan Guyader FRA Timmerman Powerslide
7. Alain Gloor SUI Athleticum Rollerblade
8. Thomas Boucher FRA Powerslide Racing
9. Francesco Zangarini ITA MMCmicro Salomon World
10. Luca Presti ITA MMCmicro Salomon World


Place Athlete Country Team
1. Angele Vaudan FRA Rollerblade World
2. Nicole Begg NZE Salomon Smartskate
3. Nathalie Barbotin FRA Salomon Smartskate
4. Andrea Haritchelhar ARG Athleticum Rollerblade
5. Tamara Llorens ARG Rollerblade World
6. Nadine Gloor SUI Athleticum Rollerblade
7. Laura Lardani ITA Rollerblade World
8. Ghizlane Samir FRA Cristalp Ladies
9. Sandra Gómez ESP Alessi Powerslide
10. Simona di Eugenio ITA Luigino MM70 Girls

Medals Table Anyang



1. Colombia 16 14 12 42
2. South Korea 8 9 8 25
3. New Zeland 8 6 1 15
4. USA 7 3 6 16
5. Chile 4 4 5 13
6. Italy 2 3 6 11
7. Argentina 1 3 4 8
8. France 1 3 0 4
9. Spain 1 1 0 2
10. Holanda 0 1 0 1
11. Swiss 0 1 0 1
12. China Taipei 0 0 2 2
13. Belgium 0 0 2 2
14. Germany 0 0 2 2